May 7, 2008

Results of the male pill poll

Here are the results to the question "Are you in favor of a male birth-control pill?" (based on 98 responses):
  • Yes, it will be a big step forward in male reproductive control: 46%
  • Yes, we are currently in need of an alternative: 42%
  • Yes, I can't wait to start using it: 28%
  • Yes, it will prove important for men's rights: 28%
  • No, I have no need for it: 5%
  • No, I am opposed to all forms of birth-control: 4%
  • No, only women should take birth-control pills: 2%
  • No, men have no accountability when it comes to reproduction: 1%
  • No surprises here; I like to think that my readers are an enlightened bunch.

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    You should have asked whether each person was male or female and then split the results according to gender.