May 8, 2008

Links for 2008-05-08


Anonymous said...

Expelled is about is about religious fundamentalists misrepresenting and bending facts and selectively quoting people (Dawkins, PZ Myers and others have written pages and pages about the deception behind the movie's interviews) to try to pimp unscientific ideas as being scientific (science requires evidence, there is none for creationism).

Moore's movie is propaganda for a particular political/ideological position. You can agree or disagree that it's the best and most effective system, but at least he's not trying to pretend that we should all pray for the sick - he's talking about something where personal opinion really is relevant (unlike Bronze Age myths with regards to the origin of life).

Cliff said...

"In Expelled, experts on many sides speak at length in their own words. The movie makes a good case for its main claim, that intelligent design advocates are shunned by academia."

My understanding is that this is precisely the opposite of what occurs in Expelled. I haven't worked up enough fortitude to actually go see it yet.