May 30, 2008

Growing Pains

Via Andart (Anders called it The Tree and the Singularity) via Digital Urban.

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Nato said...

Interesting video of course, but I wonder who the heck is occupying all the living space being built. This isn't a niggle - if population growth continues on the trajectory it has recently (steadily slowing, and possibly even reversing) then expansions up will likely reduce expansion out, and possibly even reverse it. Under that idea, the housing subdivision that momentarily surrounds the tree would still eventually fall down and get replaced with parkland because all the people have moved into the highrises of the distant city. The road falls into disrepair and is overgrown as those skyways supercede it until eventually all that's left is a trail for bikers and backpackers. Just as transit and roads are antagonistic, so are highrises and human invasion into natural terrain in tension.