April 13, 2008

South Park tackles male pregnancy...kinda

Via Grinding.


Anonymous said...

The first three seasons of South Park were juvenile, but since then South Park has been on of the best sources of social commentary on television, from Scientology to the Passion of the Christ to alternative medicine (with the aptly-named voodoo lady , "Miss Information").

Did you see the one about "the Internet" going away? Probably my second favorite one of all time after the Scientology one.

George said...

I completely agree. I love South Park and try not to miss the new episodes. The commentary can be so scathing and revealing; it's like watching a new car wreck every week.

What's amazing is that it doesn't always regress into cynicism and parody just for the sake of it; there's still some humanity and idealism embedded in the episodes and within the characters themselves.

Recent favorite: the 3-part Imagination Land episode.