April 22, 2008

Links for 2008-04-21 [del.icio.us]

  • How to Improve Your Memory (Lifehack.org)
    Our memory is one of the integral parts of day-to-day human life. We're using it every moment, consciously or not, as we perceive the world and interpret it based on our memories and experiences, or as we look for the car keys, trying to recall where, e
  • Superhumans Possible Via Designer Cloning (LiveScience.com)
    A recently developed technique that might eventually produce facsimiles of human embryonic stem cells from skin cells was lauded by President Bush and the Catholic Church as an ethical alternative to using human embryos for research. But it "opens a who
  • PETA's Latest Tactic: $1 Million for Fake Meat (New York Times)
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to pay a million dollars for fake meat — even if it has caused a "near civil war" within the organization.

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