March 26, 2008

Transhuman comic

[Via io9]


Elf Sternberg said...

The best Transhumanist comic I've read in the past two years is the Iron Man six-issue series Hypervelocity. Adam Warren has an absolutely stunning grasp of the issues, the technology, and the terminology, and Iron Man has always been the best near-transhuman vehicle in the entire comic book stable:

"The posthuman control group has put me on their hit list. I've been set up by an unknown but undeniably formidable enemy with posthuman resources. I'm hallucinating tatted-up self-mutilating ghosts in garters. Fortunately for me, my uploaded persona is running at only 79% cognitive identity, so I'm very likely too stupid to fully grasp the degree to which I'm nontrivially screwed.

"Lucky me."

... and ...

"I'd hoped to get at least another ten years of joyfully debauched usage out of my mortal flesh. Alas, here I am, The enfeebled digital ghost of my former self, a stunted wraith of emulationware-code ectoplasm haunting this empty powered armor's processors.

"Ooh, spooky."

Any comic book that can use the word "Tachycognitive" in a sentence and mean it is too sweet for words.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up this comic over the weekend. One thing it has going for it is that it is laugh-out-loud funny in parts, which I didn't expect not only in a comic but in one about transhumanism.

Looking forward to upcoming issues.