March 20, 2008

Goodbye Arthur C. Clarke, friend of the transhumanists

'Nuff said.

Thanks, ACC.


Anonymous said...

I think of Arthur C. Clarke as the last of the "mainstream" romantic optimists. I enjoyed his aphorisms and predictions more than his novels... and this still makes my throat tighten, both as a scientist and a human: "All these worlds are yours -- except Europa."

Donald said...

Artur c clarke was the probably the main reason i started reading.I remember the first book I read,childhoods ending,a novel that pretty much leaked transhumanist
concepts!After that book I was hooked on clarke and for a few years soaked as much of his philosophy as possible.clarke was the type of writer that made one think,cry and hope all at once.
alot of his predictions about technology were spot on but to think that this is were his talent ended is to assume that his works had no more substance than an instructional for an iphone.his predictions about society in general were proufound and far one of his books he predicted a society at much ease with its sexualaity and gender assignment.a prediction that is coming true today with the myspace genaration of teens who are more comfortable with sexual and gender experimentation.In another he wrote beautifully the relationships of people intersecting at a habitable point in space on a journey to make a home of distant suns
Mr clarke you will always be loved and remembered by the countless people you inspired and helped mature