February 26, 2008

Latest podcast posted: 2008.02.26

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In this episode I discuss discuss Active SETI and the precautionary principle, why meat eaters are bad people, and the struggle to make vegetarianism the new normal.


Jay Dugger said...

Keep up the good work with the podcast, George. I know that takes hard work.

George said...

Thanks, brother.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast. I read about it on the IEET blog and will keep reading from now on.

I love when people have the endurance to highlight the great moral wrong that meat eating is and then stick to that view even under pressure. I've always seen the common reaction that the pro-veg arguer should argue more politely, tone things down a bit, as an impossible request. It is like saying: "if you want to tell me that I'm actively engaged in a very serious moral transgression that unneccessarily harms and disrespects others then please do so in a manner that does not make me feel bad or question my practice in any way". To grant that request would be incoherent. And it would be an insult to the victims. So keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

Thank you for that great podcast.
I would totally agree with Jon's comments.

It's an encouragement for vegetarians and helps me with some arguments which I missed.

Congratulations for the well deserved awards !

chr15 said...

great podcast. you did not mention the critique of vegetarianism that i find most valid (not that valid, i've been a vegetarian for almost ten years): vegetarianism is cultural elitism, a western vegetarian traveling abroad might refuse a meal from a poor family because that meal contains meat. because that family only eats meat once a week and were providing as a special occasion this is a great offense. i know several vegetarians that eat meat only when they travel. any thoughts? any ideas on maintaining our vegitarian values alongside our multi-cultural ones?