December 4, 2007

Aubrey: Old people are still people

Aubrey de Grey in Cato Unbound: Old People Are People Too: Why It Is Our Duty to Fight Aging to the Death:
It has been obvious to me since my earliest days that the eventually fatal physiological decline associated with getting older is both tragic and potentially preventable by medical intervention. It was, therefore, a matter of some consternation to me to discover in my late twenties that my view on this matter was not universally shared. In this essay I explode various myths and illogicalities that surround the effort to combat (and especially to defeat) aging, with an emphasis on some that are often perpetrated by currently influential commentators.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo for calling attention to Aubrey's mission. Aging causes the suffering and death of 100,000 people every day. Ultimately we will figure out ways to solve aging. It is up to us to decide how soon we get there.

For my part, I support Aubrey's vision and challenge others to join me.