June 7, 2007

Change of plans for my TransVision presentation

I've decided to change my topic for TransVision 2007. Instead of speaking about postgenderism I'll be addressing the search for extraterrestrial intelligences. This topic seems more in tune for a conference with the description, "Transhumanity Saving Humanity: Inner space to Outer space."

Here's the title and abstract:

Whither, ET? What the failing search for extraterrestrial intelligence tells us about humanity's future


Rapid advances in various scientific and philosophical disciplines are forcing a re-evaluation of the SETI assumption, namely the suggestion that extraterrestrial civilizations are relatively common in the Galaxy and that their radio signatures should be readily detectable. New insights in the fields of cosmology, astrobiology, evolutionary biology, futurology and computer science are painting a far different picture of advanced intelligence than what has heretofore been anticipated. Consequently, the entire SETI endeavor and its methodology needs to be re-evaluated and re-stated. Further, the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence should be studied in the context of human evolution and civilizational development so that we may better anticipate humanity's future.

Key concepts: Fermi Paradox, SETI, Active SETI, Drake Equation, panspermia, artificial objects, megascale engineering, radio signals, advanced communications, post-Singularity intelligences, catastrophism/existential risks (Occam's Razor), space colonization, von Neumann probes, migration theories (inward and outward expansion), existential phase shifting, cosmological phase transition, astrobiology, astrosociobiology, super artificial intelligence

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That Neil Guy said...

You might enjoy listening to episode 22 of Logically Critical: http://www.logicallycritical.net/Episodes.html

It explores how unlikely it is that ET would be ever pick up any signals from us.