May 17, 2007

Stelarc's third ear

Stelarc has been talking about this for years, and now I see that he's actually done it:

Marcelo (aka k0re) writes: "Stelarc [is] going to implant a mic that will connect to a bluetooth transmitter to connect the ear to the internet! and another surgery to give the ear more definition."


Dustin said...

I'm all for advancement and enhancement but really, this is just bloody weird.

Remind me again without resorting to post-modern "centrism" psychobabble: why is this worth noting other than to say 'look what that strange fellow did'?

Anonymous said...

Being of an audio background there are a few things that jump out to me right off the bat. The first would be that this silly fellow located the "ear" on the inside of his forearm, not a very good choice if you ask me, having the "ear" pointing towards ones person is the opposite of a true ear. Not to mention that his arm will be (I would expect) clothed some of the time, so the mic would pick up mostly the sound of cloth rubbing against the "ear". Also people tend to swing their arms about while talking/walking/ you name it, this movement will create a very un-ear-like doppler effect.

If this guy actually wanted to do something interesting he would implant small condenser mics in or on each of his "natural" ears and stream this stereo feed on the net. That way others would be able to hear a true spacial recreation of this man's audio experience.

Oh well, I guess he just wanted an ear on his arm....odd indeed

Bob Mottram said...

u can never have enough ears.