February 15, 2007

Buddha Break 2007.02.15

  • The rise of the technosattva part 1 and part 2.

  • Read why only geeks and hippies can save the world.

  • Get your Handbook of Emotion Regulation.

  • Music has a role in adolescents' mood regulation.

  • There are 7 reasons why the 21st Century is making us miserable.

  • Patients suffering from depression are being invited to chill out like Buddhist monks to prevent them from committing suicide.

  • The Dalai Lama is urging his followers to practice faith with reason, saying that it should not be blind.

  • Train your mind and change your brain.

  • Genes may be underestimated cause of bullying.

  • Mechanism of hallucinogens' effects discovered.
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