January 17, 2007

Transhumanism as a threat to democracy?

Bioconservative Nigel Cameron reacted to my 'must-know terms for the 21st Century' article by proclaiming that transhuman technologies pose the gravest challenge to democracy in the 21st Century. This is interesting because James Hughes believes that transhumanism will deepen democracy.


Mark Plus said...

A lot of conservatives don't like democracy any way. (Look how they've engaged in massive vote suppression during recent elections, for example.) So why do they worry that transhumanism threatens democracy, when you'd expect they'd embrace human enhancement to help them sabotage the political will of the unenhanced masses more effectively?

Anonymous said...

enhanced humans are danderous to the facistas,dumbed/tired/fearful automans is desired. You obey what you fear, you love what you understand. Dennis from Oregon