January 14, 2007

Snow, beautiful snow

It's snowing outside. Beautiful white crystal flakes are falling from the sky and settling on to the grass and trees. In a few hours I'll have to pull out my winter coat and shovel the driveway.

Thank goodness.

The weather here in southern Ontario has been nothing less than eerie this winter. It's beem unseasonably warm and no snow to speak of. I've been going to work in short sleeved collared shirts. I don't even know where my winter boots are.

And it's mid January. Normally at this time of year I've already hit the slopes at least once and taken the kids tobogganing. I should be sick of all the snow by now. But for the moment I'm going to enjoy the falling snow and temporarily delude myself into thinking that everything's alright with the planet.

Global warming is just a theory, right? Like evolution and all that weird inconvenient stuff....


Michael Anissimov said...

Climate scientists quoted on CNN said that this year's warm spell has nothing to do with global warming.

Martin Striz said...

Yeah, the odd climate shifts this year are due to El Nino. It's been unseasonably warm all over eastern North America, but in the west they've been getting record snows. Denver surpassed last year's snow fall back in November and has had several major snow storms since then.

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