January 5, 2007

Defending Ashley's parents on the BBC

Check out this BBC video where I defend Ashley's parents. This was shot inside the CBC newsroom amid a flurry of activity. We were also racing against the clock in hopes of making the 10 o'clock news in England. We finished shooting with 30 minutes to spare. Very tense.


Michael Anissimov said...

Celebrity for the win!

Anonymous said...

What was done to Ashley in no way suprises me. It is simply another human act based on human arrogance, hubris, and ego-centricity.

How ironic it is to learn that Ashley's parents would rather mutilate her body, rather than put her to sleep. (Yep, I said it. Ashley's parents have denied her her humanity, treating her like a much beloved pet, yet chose to prolong a possibly painful existance rather than send her to rest.)

Another example of how humans treat pets in a more dignified manner than fellow human beings.

It's also nice to hear an interview with a different set of parents who have a son with the same condition and who completely condemn the actions of Ashley's parents. Physical maturation is a part of human existance. To deny a person a natural aspect of human existance is therefore the same as denying one's humanity.

Att: Ashely's Parents,

It is far better you put Ashley to sleep, or abandon her on the doorstep of a fascility who can properly care for her, rather than attempting to project your Nazi agenda of Eugenics upon her, if by only for reasons of 'convienance.'

-Jason Gammon