December 11, 2006

Latest Sentient Developments podcast posted

Yay, I'm podcasting again. You can check out my latest broadcast here. Or, you can subscribe to the feed here. In this edition I review The Fountain, I discuss the future of chess, and I talk about how Canada is going green.


Anonymous said...

Well I wanted to hear about this article dealing with the brain tapping into the future. I hope you said that only as a metaphor and weren't going to invoke quantum weirdness to make some nonsense claim.

George said...

You can read the article here:

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah... that's just what I feared you would say.

You probably think "What the #$*! Do We Know!?" a great movie too... ugh.

You're an embarrassment to the transhumanist community.

George said...

Dude, that's uncalled for. Unless you start to provide some substance to your posts you're nothing more than a pathetic troll.