November 7, 2006

TransVision 2007 announced

The World Transhumanist Association's annual TransVision conference will be held in Chicago next summer. The dates have been announced as July 26 to July 28 July 24 to 26. Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey will be the keynote speakers. I will be there and I hope you will be too.

Last year's TransVision was held in Helsinki, Finland, and the year before in Caracas, Venezuela. I organized TV04 which was held here in Toronto.

Next year's conference will be organized in part by the Transhumanist Student Network which is based in Chicago. TransVision conferences bring together the world's foremost transhumanist and futurist thinkers. TV07 is not to be missed.


Anonymous said...

I know Kurzweil and de Grey have moved into the front ranks of public transhumanists in the early 21st Century. But won't they wear out their welcome eventually unless we can balance their presence with some fresh faces?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, more fresh forefront people for lixe extension movement, means bigger publicity and attention.
Cheers, Attila.

George said...

You guys are welcome to submit your recommendations to Ben Hyink: