October 14, 2006

Blogs worth checking out

I'd like to plug some blogs I've been visiting lately:

Simon Smith's blog: This is Simon's new personal blog. He is the editor-in-chief of Betterhumans and enhancementQuest and one of my best friends.

Stephen Batchelor's blog: Yes, agnostic Buddhist Stephen Batchelor has a blog. It's on Tricyle, which is apparently "America's leading Buddhist Magazine."

Arthur Caplan's Bioethics blog: Caplan is one of the leading bioethicists in the US. There are always some gems on this one.

AnneC's Existence is Wonderful: Anne's blog deals with various transhumanist issues, with a particular focus on radical life extension and neurodiversity. Be sure to check out her podcasts.

The IEET's Latest From Fellows and Staff and blog: The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, of which I'm on the Board of Directors, regularly publishes the work of its members. These articles are always worth checking out, with contributions from such writers and thinkers as Jamais Cascio, Mike Treder, Douglas Rushkoff, and Russell Blackford.

Some of my favourite blogs these days include Michael Anissimov's Accelerating Future, The Neurophilosopher's blog, Anders Sandberg's Andart, Jeff Patterson's Gravity Lens, and Martin Striz's Strizblog (which is now sadly quite low volume as he's busy with other priorities).

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