May 1, 2006

Odds 'n sods

Whoa, Betterhumans got hacked last night! Aside from a few panicked moments, no harm was done. Here's a screenshot of what the site looked like for a while.

Rushkoff's latest equation: faith = illness. Reminds me of something I once wrote.

Michael Anissimov recently posted a pair of excellent articles on his blog: Our Low-Entropy Universe and You and The Boötes Void (you know, The Boötes Void -- that fun part of the universe that's 250 million light-years across and completely devoid of anything). If you think that's hard to grasp, try perceiving infinity.

So now that we know that universal constants aren't really constants, should we probably think about giving the term a new name?

A US senator is supporting Kurzweil's and Joy's call for 'Manhattan Project' for bioterror and looming pandemics.

You can now use bioelectric pulses from an electric fish to help you relax.

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