May 12, 2006

Lots of transhumanism in the news

There's been a bunch of transhumanist and futurist related items in the news lately:

Smarter than thou?: Stanford conference ponders a brave new world with machines more powerful than their creators (SF Gate)

The ideas interview: Nick Bostrom: John Sutherland meets a transhumanist who wrestles with the ethics of technologically enhanced human beings (Guardian)

Your Upgrade Is Ready: Evolution has done its best, but there's a limit to how many plug-and-play neural implants, supercharged blood cells, strong-as-steel bone replacements and mind-controlled PCs you can expect from randomly colliding natural forces. Wanna be Superman? Better call the engineers. (Popular Mechanics)

The new incredibles
: Enhanced humans: People with enhanced senses, superhuman bodies and sharpened minds are already walking among us. Are you ready for your upgrade? They're here and walking among us: people with technologically enhanced senses, superhuman bodies and artificially sharpened minds. The first humans to reach a happy, healthy 150th birthday may already have been born. And that's just the start of it. Are you ready for your upgrade, asks Graham Lawton. (New Scientist)

Nanotech Policy Faces No Small Hurdles: Air purifiers, cosmetics, sports equipment, computers, clothing, bedding, household appliances, medical devices. Nearly every item of daily life could be made — and made better, say supporters — with nanotechnology. (Fox News)

Trends hint at a golden era of nanotechnology: Innovations like robotic blood cells portend a “golden era” of nanotechnology, by Ray Kurzweil. (Science & Theology News)

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