April 22, 2006

Is Aubrey de Grey acting unscientifically and recklessly?

Looks like there's an interesting SENS related article in Science Magazine. The article, titled SENS and the Polarization of Aging-Related Research, is authored by Douglas A. Gray and Alexander B├╝rkle.

Only the abstract is available online:
The second Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence conference (SENS II) featured some very provocative ideas. The explicit objective of extending human life span indefinitely has opened a large rift between the meeting's organizer and those who believe he is acting unscientifically, perhaps recklessly. Two SENS conference participants present their views on the divisive nature of SENS.
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Anonymous said...

Some people just don't like the real world intruding on their ivory towers. That was my diagnosis, anyhow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your interesting post!
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Arlind Boshnjaku said...

Is vivisection-based science compatible with transhumanist values?
According to the Declaration:
7) Transhumanism advocates the well-being of all sentience (whether in artificial intellects, humans, posthumans, or non-human animals) and encompasses many principles of modern humanism.

But why do transhumanists, especially the buddhist-minded t-types (including myself) keep endorsing aubrey de greys vivisection based quest for immortality? Or perhaps we hope that eventually posthumans will resurrect the dead mice, uplift them, ask their forgiveness and finally upload them to virtual Edens?

Arlind (feeling like a hypocrite)

Anonymous said...

Great discussion, thanks!
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