March 27, 2006

Goin' to California

Looks like I'm goin' to Stanford University for the IEET's conference on Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights. The conference will run from May 26 to May 28.

I will also be presenting. I'll be on the "From Human Rights to the Rights of Persons" panel along with Jeff Medina and Martine Rothblatt. Martine also happens to be on the IEET's Board of Advisors. I'll be speaking on Saturday May 27 from 4:15 to 5:30.

So, now I've got to put together a talk related to personhood ethics. This is one of my favourite issues, so I should do alright. The trick will be to say something interesting and new, and to tie it into the theme of the conference.

I'll likely bring a laptop and digital camera to the event so that I can blog it as close to real time as possible. That should prove to be an interesting experience.

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