January 26, 2006

ABC reports on cryonics bound couple

ABC has a little report on a couple who has recently signed up for cryonic suspension with Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Typical of the media, ABC gets their terminology wrong, mistakenly referring to the procedure as cryogenics (which is a branch of physics that studies low temperatures). Rather, it's cryonics in which people are frozen in hopes of being reanimated in the future.

Anyway, the couple, David and Trudi Pizer, want to be frozen along with their dogs at Alcor. "I want to be with [my wife] forever, I mean it," says David, but "I would rather take an anti-aging pill than have to do this." Sounds like David has a case of the pre-vitrification jitters.

The ABC article also has a video of the couple being interviewed.

However, as I read the article, I couldn't help but feel that ABC was covering it from the "freak-show" perspective. You know, it was time for the 'lighter' side of the news. I wonder how long it will take before the cryonics option is socially normalized.

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