February 7, 2005

Ernst Mayr dies at 100

Ernst Mayr, one the leading evolutionary biologists of the 20th century and the architect of the evolutionary (or modern) synthesis of Mendelian genetics and Darwinian evolution, died on February 4 at the age of 100. His work led to the development of the biological species concept and his theory of peripatric speciation is the basis of the theory of punctuated equilibrium. A mover and shaker in the philosophy of biology, Mayr was a proponent of macroevolutionary theory--invesigations into how some species survive better than others and how likely or unlikely they are to give rise to other species.

Carol Kaesuk Yoon has written an obit for the New York Times. Here's Mayr's Wikipedia entry.

Also check out Edge.org on Mayr and Nature.


Mark Plus said...

How long do you think it will take before we hear rumors that Mayr "accepted Jesus as his lord and savior" on his deathbed?

George said...

Heh :-)