January 7, 2005

Links for Jan 7/05

Most Powerful Eruption In The Universe Discovered
"Astronomers have discovered the largest explosion in the universe--one that has endured for more than 100 million years and generated as much energy as hundreds of millions of gamma-ray bursts. The source of this mayhem? An apparently insatiable supermassive black hole." Read this for a frame of reference on the power of one gamma-ray burst. This thing is truly a galaxy buster.

Revising the Torino Scale
Tom Hill argues that's it's time to rethink the Torino Scale, the system that warns of possible NEO impacts.

Destroy All Planets
The asteroid threat provided a perfect fantasy counterpoint to very real fears aroused by the tsunamis, writes Annalee Newitz.

The Dhamma of Natural Disasters
When Nature Misbehaves Humans Have to Weep
Buddhist perspectives on the tsunami disaster

By Jupiter, the Astrologers Missed a Trick
Catherine Bennett wonders why astrologers didn't predict the tsunami disaster.

You Must Remember This
Sue Halpern wonders if there are memory-enhancement products that actually work.

Do Drug Companies Kill Poor People?
Ronald Bailey shows how for-profit medicine helps even the poorest.

Is Anything Mightier Than This Sword?
Michael Fumento considers the potential for robot soldiers.

South Korea Now Allows Human Cloning, Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Starting tomorrow, South Korean scientists will be able to destroy human embryos to obtain their stem cells for research thanks to new guidelines finalized by the South Korean government. [caution: LifeNews is a pro-life site]

Ancient DNA Provides New Insights into the Evolutionary History of New Zealand's Extinct Giant Eagle.
A phylogenetic analysis reveals the rapid increase in size of a New Zealand eagle, demonstrating the speed at which evolution can act on islands. [very cool article]

Technology and Happiness
Does technological progress inevitably make us happier? James Surowiecki explores.

Fukuyama's Penguin
Ross Mayfield has a theory that open source will realize the end of history.

Mike Treder on Nanotech and Poverty
My bud Mike Treder's got a link on WorldChanging: Plausibly Surreal – Scenarios and Anticipations

And finally, here some unbelievably cool things you can do with Google.

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