January 11, 2005

Links for Jan 11/05

CIO has a quick review of James Hughes's Citizen Cyborg.

Life, Reinvented (Wired)
A group of MIT engineers wants to model the biological world, but because of nature's complexity they have been forced to rebuild from the ground up, consequently giving birth to "synthetic biology."

The Acid Test (Village Voice)
At an Indiana Lab, thanks to the efforts of pioneering pharmacologists Albert Hofmann and David Nichols, there's better thinking through chemistry.

Matter Rides Black Hole's Space-Time Wave (Space)
Armed with cosmic speed guns and other high-tech devices, astronomers have witnessed amazing speeds around one black hole and an exotic wave in space-time careening around another.

Three largest stars identified (BBC)
These suckers aren't 10 or 100 times larger than our own--they're 1,500 times as large as our sun.

Robot Makers Say World Cup Will Be Theirs by 2050 (The Scotsman)
A Japanese consortium of robotics experts has thrown down the gauntlet to future soccer players by claiming their robots will defeat mankind within 45 years. Of course, these robots are going to have to contend with enhanced humans...

Remote Viewing Conference
...for those open-minded and/or inquisitive enough to consider the findings of parapsychologists.

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