September 1, 2004

Danmarks Radio Interview

I was interviewed today by Jan Sk√łt of radioprogramme Harddisken on Danmarks Radio. I spoke for a little over an hour about a number of things, including TransVision '03 & '04, transhumanist art and aesthetics (including Stelarc, Steve Mann, Orlan, Natasha Vita-More, etc.), how artists take science into unpredictable directions, the future of body modification, potential problems and ethical issues surrounding body modification and human enhancement, my "transhumanist" lifestyle, and my own feelings about the transhumanist phenomenon.

Jan will edit the interview and prepare a show. I'll post the air time and a link to the interview once it's posted. Also, Jan will be writing an article about transhumanism for a major newspaper in Denmark. Again, I'll keep you posted.

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