August 28, 2004

Critique of the Drake Equation

Milan Cirkovic exposes the weaknesses of the over-emphasized Drake Equation:

The Temporal Aspect of the Drake Equation and SETI
Authors: Milan M. Cirkovic
Journal-ref: Astrobiology 4 (2004) 225-231

We critically investigate some evolutionary aspects of the famous Drake equation, which is usually presented as the central guide for the research on extraterrestrial intelligence. It is shown that the Drake equation tacitly relies on unverifiable and possibly false assumptions on both the physico-chemical history of our Galaxy and the properties of advanced intelligent communities. The importance of recent results of Lineweaver on chemical build-up of inhabitable planets for SETI is emphasized. Two important evolutionary effects are briefly discussed and the resolution of the difficulties within the context of the phase-transition astrobiological models sketched.

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Anonymous said...

On the basis of present knowledge and the most likely explanation of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, we have been and are being visited by intelligent life forms who appear self disguising in and out of the narrow band of human perception. These continuous direct and indirect multifaceted alien manifestations demonstrate we are connected beyond the universe as we know it and are part of a much more profound cosmic process, the connecting of two species.

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