July 12, 2004

TV04 Book List

The University of Toronto bookstore will be selling books at TransVision 2004. Here's the list that we finally settled on:

The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurzweil
From Chance to Choice, Buchanan et al
Engines of Creation, K. E. Drexler
Redesigning Humans, G. Stock
Cyborg, S. Mann
The Spike, D. Broderick
Robot, H. P. Moravec
Better Than Well, C. Elliot
The First Immortal, J. L. Halperin
Remaking Eden, L. M. Silver
Natural Born Cyborgs, A. Clark
Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity, L. R. Kass
Enough, B. MacKibben
Our Posthuman Future, F. Fukuyama

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