July 31, 2004

Towards a posthuman sport, or a better world?

Towards a posthuman sport, or a better world?
Amit Varma

Last night I dreamt I was Spiderman. I was just putting on my brand-new Slazenger web-enhanced batting gloves when my captain, Captain America, walked into the dressing room.

"Spidey," he said, "I'm afraid we can't play you. Conan will open with young Clark instead."

"Why on earth is that?" I asked, pedantically, as we were playing this match on Earth. He turned around. There was a man with him. It was Jagmohan Dalmiya, 108 years old, ICC President for the last 44 years.

"I'm afraid you've failed a doping test," Dalmiya said. "We've learnt that you're genetically enhanced. You lied about the radioactive spider."


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