May 10, 2004

More additions to the BH editorial advisory board

We've got some more additions to the Betterhumans Editorial Advisory Board. After only two days here's how it looks:
- Nick Bostrom, transhumanist philosopher, WTA chair
- Mike Treder, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
- Chris Phoenix, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
- Natasha Vita-More, Transhuman Arts and Culture
- John Smart, Accelerating Change
- Ramez Naam, Apex Nanotechnology
- Aubrey de Grey, biogerontologist
- Steve Mann, Cyborg
- Damien Broderick, author: The Spike

There will be many more as I sent off a bunch of invites this evening.

Addendum 05/11
A couple more:
- Max More
- Howard Bloom

Addendum 05/11 Part 2
One more:
- Mark Walker


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