May 3, 2004

Marlow: Nano

Author John Marlow recently released Nano, a sci-fi novel that deals directly with transhuman issues, artificial superintelligence, and, of course, molecular nanotechnology. Word has it that this is a much more realistic and scientifically accurate book on the perils of Drexlerian nanotechnology than Michael Crichton's Prey. The plot summary is as follows:
Nanotechnology promises all things: immortality, invincibility, wealth beyond imagination—and the utter destruction of Mankind. One man has it—and no one knows who...

Mitchell Swain is the richest man in the world—until he announces "the ultimate technological breakthrough." The world stops for the press conference—and sees him assassinated.

No one knows what he was going to say.

Almost no one.

Jennifer Rayne intends to find out. A leading high-tech journalist, she was scheduled to interview Swain after the press conference. Instead, she investigates his murder.

What she finds is a scientist to whom Swain has funneled billions... A desperate U.S. government following the same clues... And a bizarre technology which promises invincibility, immortality, and the ability to destroy any enemy—or the earth itself.

Mankind has entered the final arms race.

It will last two days...

Be sure to check out James Hughes's interesting Changesurfer interview with Marlow about his new book.

Marlow has also recently launched his new column, Nanoveau, covering "the science, the speculation, and (occasionally) the politics of nanotechnology and related topics."

And Marlow is a "maybe" for TransVision 2004.

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