May 24, 2004

Institute for Accelerating Change Advisory Board

I've been asked to join the Institute for Accelerating Change's Advisory Board -- an invitation to which I accepted. Specifically, I'll be advising on the Civic, Humanist, and Transhumanist Advisory Board which includes "political, legal, social, educational, philosophical, spiritual, and aesthetic thinkers and leaders who are thoughtfully considering accelerating change." Current members include:
Walter Truett Anderson, Author, Evolution Isn't What it Used to Be, All Connected Now, The Next Enlightenment
Ziana Astralos, Webmaster,
Greg Bear, Author, Blood Music, Darwin's Radio
Howard Bloom, Author, The Lucifer Principle, Global Brain
Joseph Coates, Professional Futurist,
David Forrest, President, Global Vision Consulting Ltd., Author of
Patrick Gunkel, Theoretical Neuroscientist, Developer of Ideonomy
James Hughes, Secretary, WTA, Host of Changesurfer Radio
Alan Kazlev, Webmaster,
Doug Mulhall, Author, Our Molecular Future
John L. Petersen, Founder and President, The Arlington Institute
Wolf Read, Author, "About the Technological Singularity," Contributing Writer, Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Peter Russell, Author, The Global Brain, Waking up in Time (homesite)
Sam Williams, Author, Arguing AI

The IAC's Civic, Humanist, and Transhumanist Advisory Board will eventually be divided into: Global (world governance, environment), National (political, legal, economic), Cultural (social, relationships, aesthetics, entertainment), Individual (health, self development, spirituality), and Student (high school, undergraduate, graduate, and independent learner) Advisory boards, allowing an even broader representation of multidisciplinary humanist issues. John Smart and the IAC hope to add as many as 100 members to each board panel.

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