May 8, 2004

Betterhumans Editorial Advisory Board

We're putting together an Editorial Advisory Board at Betterhumans. Today I sent out a number of invitations to a select group of thinkers, activists, and futurists. Within hours I'm already getting a positive response. Already on the advisory team we have biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey, nanotechnologists Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix, and transhumanist arts and culture expert Natasha Vita-More. There will be many more to come and I'll post their names as they confirm.

My invitation letter in part read:
We are currently in the process of assembling an Editorial Advisory Board for Betterhumans. It is our intention to create a board who will provide us with guidance and counsel, and to ensure that we continue to report the most relevant, accurate and vital information about current and pending science and technologies and their potential impacts on individuals, society and the human condition. On behalf of Betterhumans, I would like to extend an invitation to you to become a member of the Betterhumans editorial advisory team.

As a member of the board, your typical roles and responsibilities would include providing input and guidance into editorial and administrative policy and overall direction, goals and priorities for the publication. Members can serve as a sounding board for the editors and advise them on science, technology and social trends, to help identify potential contributors and editorial possibilities, and to respond to our direct inquiries.

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