April 13, 2004

TV04 Notes

Some more confirmed speakers for TransVision 2004: Mike LaTorra, Sonia Miller (look for her Betterhumans column later this week), Tihamer Toth-Fejel, Michael Anissimov, Daniel Wallace, Sean Kearney, Mark Walker, and Ramez Naam. We'll update the TV04 Presenters page shortly. This list is quickly growing; I sent over a hundred invites to prospective speakers this evening alone.

I've been chatting with Howard Bloom, who will be keynoting at TV04. The working title for his presentation is: "The Soul In the Machine: Reinventing Capitalism --A Quick Re-Vision of Western History" Bloom says, "there's a factor in Reinventing Capitalism that I call transubstantiation -- the way that daydreams turn into realities." This should make for an interesting and provocative start to the conference.

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