April 28, 2004

Responses to my "techlepathy" column

I've received a number of emails addressing my latest column for Betterhumans, Evolving Towards Telepathy. I've gotten an interesting cross-section of responses:
- a guy who claims that he can convert brainwave emissions into meaningful binary code for thought transmission
- people who claim to have latent telepathic abilities
- a woman who would like to use subvocal speech to help her disabled son speak
- a guy who hears the so-called Taos Hum and believes there's a connection to VLF frequencies.

Usually when I get a slew of emails like this it means my column is doing well. Sure enough, as of this writing it's got well over 3,000 hits. The article was linked from SciTech Daily and George Noory's Coast to Coast (regarding the latter, I'm not sure if that's good or bad).

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