June 3, 2010

Robert Lanza says transcension hypothesis answers Fermi


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  2. Can't say I'm familiar with his work but quite sure the concept he proposes is by no means "new" and thus, not his... Terence Mckenna, who some might know for his enthusiasm for psychedelics, has talked about this in the nineties and probably even before that. Terence talked about the latest cosmological models and how they always failed to take life (and conciseness) into account. But I'm sure there were some who proposed this before him as well...

    As for the biocentrism itself, I think it's a lot more plausible then the current view of the universe. And it's also a lot cooler ;)

  3. Where have I heard this before, oh right it was one of the more optimistic hypotheses in Orion's Arm for why the setting had three alien races rivaling Terragen civilization and multi-million year old ruins of hundreds of more advanced species.


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