February 19, 2009

MIT's "Sixth Sense": The wearable gestural interface

Next gen as I see it would feature:
  • implants in the fingers instead of external sensors
  • non-projected display that is instead visible through an eye-tap device or contact lens
  • interactivity and data exhcange with other wearables


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Very interesting. Hopefully it will develop into a commercial product.

  2. I think this would really come into play for law enforcement agencies like the DEA. The technology would take undercover policing to the next level. And it's hard to picture what the criminals countermeasure to something like this would be.

    Its military uses are countless, but it would create a whole new game of espionage and counterterrorism. Great post George!

  3. I get arm ache just watching it.

    The interface appears weak to me, but augmented reality (eg that bit where he looks at the books) could be very useful particularly if you got specs or a lens, imagine wandering around Paris with a contact lens filtering buildings and displaying wiki entries on them, or searching google maps for the nearest bar and having a visualisation of the route overlaid onto what you're seeing.


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