December 15, 2008

Sandberg: It's safer to be smart

Neuroscientist Anders Sandberg chimes in on the cognitive enhancement debate and notes that intelligence has its privileges:
A fun reference I found last week is IQ in early adulthood and later risk of death by homicide: cohort study of 1 million men, which demonstrates that among swedish males having intelligence above average reduces the risk of being murdered to 27% of the risk among the lower 11%. Why this is so is a bit unclear, but clearly intelligence is health promoting. It reduces injuries and bad driving too.
Just as an aside, high IQ has also been linked to vegetarianism.

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  1. okay, but you just featured a terminator, hunter/killer application that no doubt was created by more-than-average intelligent males
    where is the intelligence in creating weapons of destruction, that keep getting more and more powerful, and more capable of exact targeting?


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