November 25, 2008

You have 2 new friend requests

I dunno, I think it would be cool to have Satan in your friends list.

Via riot rite right clit clip click.


  1. what if we just say yes and no to both, and get it over with?

    this simplistic religious view of things is almost impossible for me to believe, much less accept that there is so much of if going around; wait until virtual reality becomes the real thing; makes me think of David Brin's hell crowns; again, dear Lord, save us from your believers

    now, spirituality is something else, but the above seem to be almost deaf, dumb, and blind to it

  2. Loved one of the comments:

    "See, this is what puts me off joining Facebook: all this random spam from people you've barely heard of and never talk to."

  3. oops! my mistake
    I meant to refer to Greg Bear's hell crowns
    ano: I read the same comment and loved it too


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