September 7, 2008

New poll: Do you consume energy drinks?

I've posted a new poll about energy drinks (see right sidebar). Use this post to make comments.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I usually only use coffee for the morning perk, but I have found the Niacin based 4-5 hour energy shots very effective for long car trips. However I do have a friend who nearly faced liver failure after consuming 6-8 Monster energy drinks a day...

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Actually this is quite an understatement (add smiley):

    "No, I'm not convinced that these drinks are completely safe."

    Am I wrong when I say that a lot of energy drinks seem to be nutritional garbage? (I never researched this still-burgeoning market from a health perspective...)

  3. I voted "Yes, but they have a negligible impact on my performance." Unless good old coffee counts, in which case I'm dependent on it! But generally, if I drink an energy drink it's only for the caffeine, if there's a significant amount, and not for all the other questionably useful stuff.

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Aren't they just sugar and caffeine solutions?

    Caffeine I depend on, but there are better sources and I don't need the sugar.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I'd like to vote no, but not for any of the reasons there - I have no problem with performance enhancement, nor any safety concerns; they definitely have an impact, and I don't just drink coffee instead.

    I don't drink them because of other side effects, primarily disruption of sleeping patterns, and eventually a lack of focus eventually lethargy. Sure, it's euphoric and gives me a boost for a while, and true, I can keep drinking more to maintain this effect, but eventually the negatives catch up with me.

    On balance I've found that I'm better off avoiding caffeine and focusing on other things - learning how to better self-motivate, learning about my own working habits, and making sure I have enough chill-out time so the stress buildup doesn't get me down.

    So, there's no vote I want to put in. I'd love it if there were performance enhancing drugs that gave me the focus that caffeine does but without the side effects. I've yet to try modafinil.

  6. Does espresso count? I suspect it doesn't, although I enjoy the new Starbucks "doubleshot," made with energy powder upon request.

    Red Bull makes me feel ill.


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