July 7, 2008

New trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still

I'm looking forward to this. To be released on Dec. 12. Here's the original trailer -- theremin and all:

My review of The Day the Earth Stood Still.


  1. I'm usually pretty neutral on remakes. Some are good, some are bad... I don't automatically assume they will be pale imitations of the original. But this one looks* stupendously bad, especially if you've read even minor spoilers. I will assume you haven't and not ruin it further.

    * And of course, by "looks" I don't mean the actual appearance of the film, which seems to be very well-done! Might even be fun, if you turn your brain off before watching. But the original only worked if you kept your brain on, and that's what made it great.

  2. Just because I'm looking forward to something doesn't mean I have high expectations for it ;-)

    I'm sure the early critiques are right, but I'm curious to see how the writers will contextualize the story to current events.

  3. I'd like to see the following dialogue in the remake:

    Hollywood bimbo to Klaatu after Gort resurrects him: You mean Gort has the power of life and death?

    Klaatu to bimbo: Of course he does, foolish Earth woman. What do you think life is -- some kind of miracle?

  4. Anonymous12:42 AM

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