October 2, 2007

Steven J. Dick: Biological intelligence is the exception, not the rule

"Biologically based technological civilization...is a fleeting phenomenon limited to a few thousand years, and exists in the universe in the proportion of one thousand to one billion, so that only one in a million civilizations are biological." -- Steven J. Dick, NASA Chief Historian
In a post-biological universe, says Steven J Dick, machines are the dominant form of intelligence.

From the Daily Galaxy article:
This worldview of the cosmos as a biological universe is a revolutionary perspective as profound a revision in our way of thinking as the Copernican and Darwinian revolutions. It is a worldview that believes that "planetary systems are common, that life originates wherever conditions are favorable, and that evolution culminates with intelligence."

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  1. Hello from New York! Yeah I think it is just like Star Trek. Some intelligence is in the form of robots also. I hope we can find out one day for sure.


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