November 10, 2006

Buddha Break 2006.11.10

Stephen Batchelor analyzes boredom from the Buddhist perspective; he's also following the Dharma while in the war zone.

Meditation tips: Nine Stages of Training the Mind by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

I Feel Your Brain: Sharon Salzberg speaks with Daniel Goleman about altruism, mirror neurons, and how the human brain is wired for compassion.

Sam Harris is an atheist Buddhist who meditates and is working on his PhD in neuroscience. He also says that religion is the root of all evil. Can you say kindred spirit?

Researchers who are studying the science of happiness are analyzing Buddhist monks and their practices.

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  1. Some interesting and useful links. Thanks. I enjoy seeing that science is finally understanding the nature of happiness, so hopefully we can all begin to move away from mythic thinking to mapping a more realistic path toward happiness.


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