October 27, 2006

Mind matters

Grey matter from around the Web:

John Searle: "Minding The Brain"
"After having been neglected for most of the twentieth century, the subject of consciousness has become fashionable. Amazon lists 3,865 books under "consciousness," a number of them new releases of the last year or two. What exactly is the problem of consciousness, and why exactly is it so difficult, if not impossible, for us to agree on a solution to it?" -- New York Review of Books article
Jay Tolson: "Is There Room for the Soul?" New challenges to our most cherished beliefs about self and the human spirit. Don't let the title turn you off, here's why.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams lost his voice 18 months ago to a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia. Tired of the botox injections, Adams was convinced that it was mind over matter. He developed a number of novel exercises and techniques and has recently regained much of his voice. Adams explains how he re-mapped his brain.

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